10 Tips And Tricks To Know Before Starting Pokémon Legends: Arceus


Speaking of reporting back to the professor, the way players are monetarily rewarded is different in Arceus as well. Instead of stealing the money from children when defeating trainers, you’ll receive financial compensation for capturing Pokémon. The more monsters you catch, the heavier your purse is when you decide to return to Jubilife Village. And while I know I had to fight the temptation to deck out my character in swanky new clothes, your hard-earned coin is better spent elsewhere. As you progress in the game, a vendor becomes available that allows players to upgrade their bag to carry more items. His price starts small at 500 but continues to go up the more you buy. While it can get pretty expensive quickly, it’s worth it to have a bigger bag so you can stay in the fields longer without having to return home.

The other thing you should spend money on is the game’s charms. Hidden away in the back of the village is a man selling charms that will aid you against the more dangerous creatures of Hisui. These charms have different effects, but the most helpful ones prevented my character from blacking out after getting hit by a wild Pokémon. That one prevented me from losing all my supplies when the dark day came where I couldn’t outmaneuver a Psyduck.