14 Ways to De-Stress Employee Vacations


Employees truly deserve paid vacation time. They struggle with stressful jobs for most of the year and productivity drops if they don’t get a break.

From a business perspective, investing in good vacation programs reduces workplace stress, absenteeism, healthcare costs and accidents. However, many employees return from vacation with the half-joking comment that they have to come back


work to rest. Too many people find vacations just as stressful as the work they do each day.

Eliminate vacation stress, increase productivity, improve quality, increase profits and maximize business investments. Develop vacation savings plans so employees are financially prepared for this big expense

Provide ongoing advice on personal finance, budgeting and credit issues. Review payroll errors to ensure employees aren’t affected by discrepancies while on vacation


Distribute task responsibilities to prevent employees from returning to cluttered inboxes. Announce job changes after the holidays, not before. Offer internal workshops during the holidays.

PlanningNegotiate corporate discounts with travel agentsShow your employees how to search travel plans online

On the last day before vacation, give your employees an extra half day to prepare at the last minute. This strategy creates added value for the company through motivation, spirit and quality

control.10.Train employees to complete important projects two weeks before vacation to avoid stressful, sometimes inappropriate, last-minute situations


Efforts12. Request the target’s contact information for emergency notifications, then use the information to send a special message or small gift that

will be waiting for you upon arrival. 11. Show interest by making time