16 Email Marketing Tips


Are you ready to build and promote your business on the web? You can do this successfully by following these successful email marketing tips. Provide a Variety of Original Content – ​​People will expect your emails if they’re not purely sales messages. Even unique and valuable content will make them open your emails. You can focus on your niche, but it’s still important to vary the content each time to keep it from becoming stale.


You’ll notice that click-through rates increase with just that first point. Be careful but don’t obsess over spam words: spam filters can block your messages if they contain too many words like sale, free, money, wealth, etc. Some filters allow such words as long as they are not used more than once. Some ISPs are moving away from keyword or content-based filtering and are looking to introduce reputation-based spam filtering. This is not foolproof as even large companies like Target and Pennys still block some emails.


sent to subscription lists). The subject line is the most important place to avoid spammy words. Check every email: If possible, have someone else check every email before you send it. Grammar mistakes, but someone else will catch them. It always looks much more professional when the document is free from obvious errors.


Offer an online version: Make sure you offer online versions of your email to users who have images disabled. It will be a very small percentage of people who access your online version, but they can become customers. Keep in mind that some recipients have images disabled – you must consider the appearance of any email without images or HTML. This is the default for many email clients. Unless changed, many recipients will only see your email in plain text.

Grab their attention at the top: Make sure the top 350-400 pixels grabs the reader’s attention and isn’t interrupted. Many subscribers can quickly review dozens of emails and delete most of them. bothering to scroll down the page if they don’t think the email is worth their time. Keep the width at 600px: Many email clients have limitations, so you don’t want your emails to be formatted more than 600px wide. Few people want to scroll
unless everything is on their screen, and they can quickly delete the message.

Consider the frequency of your broadcasts: they say it lasts on average