17 Things For Writers to Blog About


A blog can be a very effective way of promoting yourself, your books, and your other writings. You can showcase your knowledge and expertise and build a lasting relationship with your readers. A good blog is more than just a marketing tool; it is also an expression of your personality. Most people quickly run into the problem of what to blog about. But as a writer you have many options.


For example, your characters might include a couple struggling with infertility; A novel may contain dozens of such themes. Your blog can provide additional resources for each topic: recommended reading, products, organizations, support groups, etc. Writing tips. What advice can you give? What would you have liked to have known when you started your writing career?

Interesting, weird, or funny things you discovered during your research. As you research for your next book, jot down these fascinating facts as soon as you find them. They may not be in your book, but you can put them to good use. about it on his blog. Every time you contact an expert, ask if they have any interesting stories you can use. General information about their history and locations.

Have you been there? How was it? If it’s not a real place, how did you come up with it and what is it based on? Is your story based on real events? If so, tell us more about it.


What did your characters do before the story began and after it ended? What made you the people you are today? Where did the idea for your book or story come from? How did it evolve? What other titles have you done? consider?

What titles are you considering for your next book? What did you leave out or delete? And because? How did you find your agent or editor or cover artist etc. and what do they enjoy working with? ?Show the letter with which you were accepted and extracts from the refusals.


Ask your agent or publisher if they have any interesting or funny stories about other authors. (You don’t have to give names. Talk about your book sales and interesting people you meet when you do. Include details about upcoming autograph sessions, talks, appearances, guest posts on other blogs, etc. so people care can him or meet him.