3 Types of Salesforce Tests That CRM Users Should Know


For Salesforce users, it’s important to understand the different types of tests that should be conducted in order to ensure that their CRM is functioning properly. From unit tests and integration tests to UATs and regression tests, there are a variety of tests that should be conducted as part of a comprehensive Salesforce testing architecture. In this blog post, we’ll explore three types of tests that all CRM users should be familiar with.


1) Unit tests

Unit tests are tests that validate individual components or sections of code. They focus on the isolated parts of an application and are used to verify the proper functioning of a single unit or method.


2) Integration tests

Integration tests check how different parts of Salesforce interact with each other. They ensure that data is flowing correctly between objects and processes within the system.


3) Regression tests

Regression testing is a critical component of any Salesforce testing architecture for CRM. It involves retesting previously tested functions to ensure that new changes do not break any existing code or processes. This helps to identify potential issues with any changes that are implemented in the system, which can then be corrected before going live.