5 Reasons NOT to Accept Guest Posts


Guest posts are a great way for site owners to present different perspectives to their blog readers. This popular strategy also gives the website owner a much-needed break from writing, and that’s a huge plus. On the flip side, however, there are some very valid reasons why you should NOT accept a blog guest post if you are the site admin. However, here are 5 reasons why you should “reconsider” your blog guest post offers as they may do you more harm than good. Not relevant

Many of those who set out to write a guest blog post don’t provide content relevant to their site as their primary focus is getting traffic. Your blog readers! These are good suggestions that you can steer clear of because they do little good to you or the guest blogger!


It makes little difference who actually wrote the post, as the impression it makes reflects on YOU. Review each suggestion to see if it’s easy to read or if your blog readers will have trouble understanding it. Nonsense Some post ideas sound great, but if the “finished product” doesn’t make a strong statement or at least educate and/or entertain viewers in some way, it’s useless! This often happens when the person submitting the proposal has little writing experience. Blog Posts!


However, do not completely ignore these individuals when making future sales calls, as their writing skills often improve over time. This is to bring you more search engine traffic while improving your ranking! If someone offers or suggests you a guest blog post to place on your site, it needs to be properly optimized or it will simply not bring any traffic to them or you. !


It’s already established. For the most part, guest blogging serves not only to give blog readers a different perspective on the topic of their interest, but also to help generate traffic. If you’re already a “happy camper” in terms of what you have next, you usually don’t need to post often, just post high quality to keep your people happy. Adding filters

Posting suggestions you don’t need or want doesn’t make much sense! As beneficial as guest posting can be for site owners who want to show their blog readers different perspectives, certain “conditions” must be met! The above 5 reasons are the “conditions” that any guest blog post suggestion must meet in order to be published on your site. Remember, these are YOUR blog readers, so you have the right and responsibility to reject any suggested contribution that does not comply with these terms. In the end,
is your reputation at risk for poorly edited content

Not checked thoroughly before accepting it and posting it on your site!