5 Star Wars: Visions Episodes That Need To Be Games


As far as I’m concerned, Star Wars: Visions is the most exciting Disney-era Star Wars project since The Mandalorian. Each episode of this anthology series gives a different anime studio carte blanche to tell bold, imaginative, and self-contained stories set in George Lucas’ beloved mythos. The animations are beautiful and varied, the stories feel inspired, and it has both the coolest and silliest lightsabers ever. If you’re a Star Wars fan or simply enjoy good anime and haven’t checked it out yet, watch it – mainly because this article contains a few major spoilers

As I watched each episode, I couldn’t help but want them translated into a video game. Most Star Wars games are pretty by-the-numbers when it comes to letting players explore a galaxy far, far away. Visions is anything but, so let me play adaptations of the show’s episodes if we can’t get spin-off shows/films. Every installment in the anthology has gaming potential, but here are the five that I’d like to play the most. These picks are arranged by episode order rather than by preference.