50 Great Ways to Motivate and Not Break the Bank


Fast, easy and even fun!

Provide lunch for the group: pizza, seven-foot sandwich, barbecue. Write someone a thank you note and keep a copy in your file. Hand out coupons for an extra 30 minutes at lunch. Make a donation to your favorite charity on their behalf. Deliver tickets for a film/game/cultural/sports event.

Celebrate achievements with bulletin boards, videos and emails. 10.Recognize someone who is doing something right, not bad. 11.Write a thank you note to their family.

12.Bake a bunch of cookies for someone or the team.13.Give limited paid time off when things are slow.14.


Bring a camera to work, take candid shots and post them on a humor board.15. Go to the cinema. Play a fun movie or TV show during lunch or breaks.16.

Ask about their interests, family or weekend activities. 17. Send the employee’s children a company t-shirt or hat. 18. Take a walk with free meal vouchers.


Act immediately. 19. Public recognition of special achievements at meetings or celebrations. 20. Hand out life jackets, M&Ms, Tootsie Roll Pops or other thank you snacks.

  1. Get candid photos of people doing a good job. Post photos on bulletin boards. 22. Place an ad in a local newspaper and add their names and photos.
  2. Allow flexible working hours so they can participate in work-related activities outside of work. 24. Having special days. Are you having an “ugly tie” or “ugly sweater” day.
    Give away gag prizes to the winners. 25. Give them a surprise for their workspace: a desk organizer, a picture or poster, a new mouse pad. Communication and participation 26. Listen 80% of the time and speak 20%.
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  4. Try to actively speak to all employees every day. 28. Ask them, “What am I doing that’s getting in your way?” 29.
    Ask them, “What can I do to help you with your work?”
  5. Promotion of membership in a professional group. 33. Subscribe to a job-related magazine. 34.
    Allow them to sit with someone more senior for part of the day. 35. Rotate jobs so employees can learn new skills and train one another. 36. Make sure the boss recognizes good work.
  6. Go to your staff workspace. Meet them on their territory. 38. Encourage individual/team training on time and on budget.
  7. Provide quarterly updates on relevant business and customer topics. 40. Allow them to swap positions with someone else in the company for half a day.