A Brief History of Scalextric Cars


Like many other retro-collectible toys, the legend of Scalextric cars had its early beginnings in the 1950s. The Scalextric was brought to Great Britain by its creator Freddie Francis and quickly became a huge hit. Originally, the cars were clockwork-powered, but electric motors were fitted to the cars by the end of the decade. Throughout the decades, the brand Scalextric has been owned by many companies including Minimodels Limited, Tri-ang and Rovex Limited. Today, the brand is owned by Hornby Hobbies Limited and can be found in any model shop.


Scalextric cars were first crafted from metal, and its tracks were fabricated from a rubber compound. With the use of plastic becoming popular in the 1960s, designers quickly realized the advantages of using plastic molded models. Using plastic as a lighter material added to the fast appeal of these popular car toys.

Creating authentic replications of racing cars and classis autos has always been the name of the game for designers of the Scalextric. Designers have always worked long and hard to make these cars look and feel as authentic as possible. From conception to creation, designers take photos and painstaking measurements to ensure the car is as real to life as the real model. With an amazing attention to detail, the interior and exterior of these collectible cars mirror its life-sized counterpart.

Throughout the years, the Scalextric brand has set records and captured imaginations around the world. In May 2009, Top Gear’s Mr. James May set the world’s record for the longest track using the brand’s products. This car fanatic recreated the famous Brookland’s racing circuit stretching an amazing 2.95 miles.


To ensure the brand’s continued success, designers implemented digital technology in 2005. Using technology to their advantage, designers have gotten more creative and produce all types of smart sets. The brand has also begun to release more film-related and TV products to keep in the mainstream. The brand has also created sets based on themed-video games. The most popular are My Sims Racing and Top Gear Powerlaps. These sets can be found at any model shop.

To keep up with modern technology, Scalextric cars are available with digital control. This allows the cars to race on either of the two slots at the same time. Thus, creating a more realistic race adventure.