A Hiring Manager’s Take on Industry Certifications


Are industry certifications a good indicator of a job candidate’s qualifications and expertise? As a hiring manager, I often find myself asking this question. In this blog post, I will provide my take on the value of industry certifications from the perspective of a hiring manager. I will discuss what types of certifications are most beneficial, which certifications are likely to have the most value in the hiring process, and why certifications can be an important part of a successful job search.


The value of industry certifications

Industry certifications are an important way for job seekers to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in their field. Having a certification on your resume can help you stand out from other applicants, showing employers that you have the skills and qualifications to excel in the job.

The difference between certified and non-certified candidates

Certified candidates have an edge when it comes to job opportunities and getting hired, as they demonstrate a certain level of expertise and skill in the IT field. Non-certified candidates may lack the same level of knowledge and experience, but still possess some technical abilities that can make them attractive to employers.


How to stand out with certification

For job seekers in the IT industry, obtaining industry certifications can give them an edge over their competition. Certifications demonstrate to hiring managers that a candidate has the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running and be successful in the role.

The types of certifications that are most valuable

For IT Managers, the most sought after certifications are generally in areas such as cybersecurity, project management, software development, and network engineering. These certifications can help demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge and experience in their field and give them an edge in the hiring process.


Why industry certifications are important

Having industry certifications provides employers with the assurance that a candidate has the skills, knowledge and experience needed to perform well in the role. Certification holders are generally considered to be more reliable and capable than non-certified candidates, making them a valuable asset to any organization.