Accept guest posts from anyone


Do you know how to handle guest posts on your blog the right way? Do you know who to say yes or no to when they offer a guest post? If not, this is what you need to do.

Don’t accept guest posts from anyone. You’ll end up with authors who have nothing in common with your blog and have no idea what they’re talking about.

But don’t be afraid to say no if someone offers a great quality post that you can use for traffic, engagement, new followers, or anything else. If it’s something like that – then it’s worth taking the time out of your day for a reply email. You’ll want to ask some questions before accepting their content. Here are some examples:

What does the person writing for your blog need in terms of compensation? You don’t want them feeling underpaid just because you were too lazy to put together a contract outlining payment rates. What are their qualifications? If they aren’t qualified enough, it might not make sense to spend any more time than necessary answering emails back and forth with them. How long will it take them to write the content? Make sure you’re clear on this before accepting any content because you don’t want someone making promises and then turning around an delivering half-finished work two months later. One last thing to think about is whether or not the person has actually had previous experience with your blog topic and knows what readers look for. If they haven’t researched it at all, you might as well close that email window now. Not everyone is going to be able to write a guest post that fits seamlessly into your blog, but those people are usually much easier to identify.