Africa: A Case of Flogging Dead Horses?


In pure economic indicators and all other development indicators, Africa paints a bleak picture. Life expectancy has fallen; mortality rates are rising; highly indebted, with more than half of countries having debts exceeding their GNP; decline in GDP growth; GDP per capita falls as population growth spirals out of control; Healthcare collapses and so on. What went wrong on a continent that is after all rich in raw materials and raw materials?

The first, and probably the simplest, is that post-independence Africa was not allowed to chart its own course. With good or bad intentions, too many ‘aid’ agencies have prescribed, signed off on and banned all sorts of African panaceas that ‘destroyed every ability of this continent to solve its own ills. Africa has simply become a vegetable, or as some say, in a giant experimental dump. That’s really not far from the truth. Goals that could be translated into sound economic policies.

Corruption and mismanagement have affected almost all layers of society. Aid organizations also supported this. Perks have been cited as further evidence of subsidies, while large-scale government excesses have been glossed over. Western governments supported dictatorships for political reasons. and ignored corruption and mismanagement. Cold War politics meant that the great powers had to find a balance not only in armaments but also in allies.

The campaign to prevent communist influence in Africa meant keeping regimes in power that supported Western interests. All too often these regimes have been despots and perpetrators of the most sadistic abuses of human rights. Furthermore, the aid organizations ignored any basic economic or social criteria for development. support for this overarching policy objective. This problem is further complicated by the fact that aid agencies often deviate from their own governments. like a whisper.

What I call the “guilt factor” has proven useful when others dare to complain about such corruption. The “guilt” factor argument is, “Well, we give and that’s the important thing.” What to do with it is up to you. After all, they are an independent and sovereign nation.”