Appalling Wedding Guest Behavior


Once in a while you hear about a wedding guest who did something so outrageous that it was the only thing anyone could talk about. No bride or groom wants to see something like this happen at their wedding, but the truth is, it can happen to almost anyone. Here’s a look at some of the creepiest wedding guest behaviors and what to do about them. I recently saw a YouTube video of a wedding guest having too much fun. She wore a red dress that was too sexy for a wedding, she did a provocative
, and ended up bringing down the circus tent with her antics!

The poor bride and the other wedding guests had to trudge out of the rundown shop in their beautiful dresses and pearl earrings. Clearly, this is not how the bride expected her wedding day to be remembered! This is an extreme case, but shocking wedding guest behavior happens on a smaller scale every day. There are two main causes of egregious wedding guest behavior.

The first is the person who just can’t accept that the bride deserves to be the center of attention and that guests have a responsibility not to draw attention away from her. This means that the mother of the groom should not wear a glittery dress. low-cut red dress, the bride’s cousin should leave her dirty boyfriend at home (you know, the guy she only dates to piss off her parents), and the bride’s divorced parents should put their problems aside until the wedding day lay. Such behaviors are somewhat predictable, which at least gives friends a chance to avoid them in advance. to something that doesn’t attract attention.

One bride I know, for example, took her mother shopping to make sure she picked a dress for the mother of the bride that didn’t show off her many tattoos…at least not the ones on her cleavage ! The bride also gifted her mother a beautiful pair of pearl earrings, knowing she didn’t have any special jewelry to wear to the wedding. If handled with care, you can avert disaster without hurting others’ feelings.

Alcohol is the cause of many bad behaviors among wedding guests. This isn’t always predictable, as you may be surprised which guests opt for one more mojito. It’s best to have a plan. instead with the event coordinator of your receiving location. Let them know that you expect the bartenders to cut off the mouths of any patrons who are clearly drunk.