B2B Email Marketing


Successful B2B Email Marketing Email marketing is an extremely effective marketing medium in B2B business scenarios. Unlike consumer marketing, where there are countless customers, customers in any B2B are easy to identify and narrow down. The details are relatively easy to get, email marketing can be used with powerful benefits for the organization. In B2B email marketing, the basic principles of marketing remain relevant.


It’s definitely worth spending some time thinking about, formulating and documenting an email marketing strategy before you start communicating with customers. Who is the customer? The first step is to map the customer’s buying process. The mapping shows the user, influencer, opinion leader, decision maker and likely decision maker. They probably come from different departments of the organization: user department, procurement, finance, management (depending on the size of the business).


Each of them plays a role in the purchase, and each of them needs to be marketed. Sometimes email marketing campaigns need to be customized for each participant in the buying process. Not every person in the decision-making process would be a potential recipient for the same email marketing campaign. For example, while an organization’s CEO might be one of those giving final approval of a high-value sale, the CEO is unlikely to want to receive a regular product. Catalogs from you (essential for purchase). However, the CEO needs to be aware of this.


business. Depending on the nature of your business and the size of the client organization, you could definitely grab the CEO’s attention with a specially targeted email on an annual or semi-annual basis. Communications to management: Introduction of new products/services Invitations to special events you may be hosting Season’s Greetings

Any industry news that you own that may be of business interest to the CEO or senior management. Messaging Users, Buyers, and Technical Testers – You should make an effort to reach out to buyers, users, and technical staff on a regular basis. These individuals initiate the purchase, are present at all critical decision points in the purchasing process, and often have veto power to reject a vendor. They are very important people and email marketing should ensure that your
business comes first and is viewed positively in their minds. .

Regular communications covering details of new products or services added to your business, technical features, special promotions and discounts could be your topic – keep up with the training. Topics that could be of interest to procurement professionals include: your product/service catalog (as often you update it) offers and promotions you may be offering advance notice of price increases you expect

Technical information about your products or services (if you are a dealer/distributor this may not be of great interest as this information can be sent directly from the manufacturer) Invitations to special events (seminars/product launches) you have organize information about training programs related to your products