Bentley, the high-priced British luxury car brand, is seeing record sales


Bentley, the ultra-high end British car maker, is enjoying some of its best years.

The century-old automaker reached record sales of 11,206 units in 2020, despite the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic. That momentum carried into this year. The first half of 2021 also already yielded more profits than the company earned in any year before. 

But against this backdrop, Bentley is attempting an ambitious transition to total electrification. The company plans to introduce its first electric car by 2025, and aims to exclusively make EVs in just a few years.

However, this is a brand that is known in large part for large 12-cylinder engines — a rarity outside this high-end class. The question now is whether Bentley can retain a connection with its heritage and its unique brand identity.