Blogging for Small Business – Guest Posting


Connecting and collaborating with other local business websites is a great way to build exposure and drive targeted local traffic to your small business website. The idea of ​​creating guest posts is a very easy, very free, and very effective way to do it. .A guest post is pretty much what it sounds like. You write some content, maybe a how-to article, and post it on someone’s website. Ideally, you would like this post to be published on a free /p> commercial website.

in your market area. For example, let’s say you have a small pottery shop; They know the local glass blower and both have websites. Your companies aren’t in direct competition, and each of your customers is likely interested in what the other company is doing as well. In this situation, you would write a blog post about how great you think the glassblower’s work is, and the glassblower would write one about how interesting he finds his pottery from an artistic point of view from
… Then he would post your post on your website and vice versa , which link back to the respective website.

This accomplishes several things. On the one hand you create a so-called backlink. Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization and will help you rank. Secondly, you are now exposed to everyone who reads the glassblowers blog. and these are people you know are already in art and design and in your field.

Third, they both extend the reach of their blogs to slightly different but similar areas. There’s a good chance that once the post is indexed, people will find your blog when they search for glassblowing and then get exposed to your pottery. You build credibility for your small business and for your products. The fact that someone in the field of art in general is willing to write something and publish it on their blog carries a lot of weight.

It’s essentially a testament that you’re a good company and make a good product. Take some time to shop around and create this list of local add-on companies with websites. Reach out to these people, explain what you think, and start guest posting. With a little practice and dedication, you will be able to drive a significant portion of your targeted local traffic to your small business website. Do it!

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