Can Online Education Replace Classrooms?


Today, the Internet is widely recognized as an important bridge, connecting the small and the big, the possible and the impossible, the hidden and the open, creating tremendous opportunities across a wide spectrum. Strategically empowers the little one to start a business from home. and pose as a huge cause. Even charities are now thriving better through the application of Internet resources. In fact, the entire world is currently under the spell of the phenomenal growth of the
Internet on a daily basis.

One of those areas where the internet has drastically changed forever is EDUCATION. Yes, education today takes place online and is popularly called e-learning. Unlike before, a young man can now stay in the interior of Africa. and go to school in England or Australia without hesitation. Unnecessary discussions? However, despite the nice benefit of online education described in the previous paragraph, there is a lot of controversy against it. While others scream, which
is superior to the other?

While this article won’t be giving a salon verdict on the subject, it will still give you the facts on the ground. First, remember that online education is used by both high school students and high school students still need adult guidance. E-learning at this level is still not as in-depth as it is at tertiary level. How e-learning is changing the lives of young learners around the world.

It’s been proven that the majority of high school students today move from classroom to classroom, sitting in front of computers for intensive lectures and homework with flying colors. In addition, e-learning enables young students to take international exams and apply for scholarships, while learning foreign languages ​​has become as easy as enrolling in community classes. The only exception is the practice and laboratory orientation of teachers in schools. , arm in arm with those in the urban centers.

It also allows rural schools to upgrade the academic curriculum to meet international standards. In general, concerns about overcrowded classrooms are a thing of the past. As? Because a well-designed e-learning program can help hundreds of students from many countries access the same course at the same time.

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