Complementing Your SEO Campaign With Guest Posts


An SEO campaign is all about getting the necessary links for your website with the right anchor text. The people who run these SEO campaigns try to get as many links as possible on the websites that really matter. This means that a website should generally have a page rank and cache data in the Google search engine. One area that often gets overlooked is acquiring links by writing a guest post for someone else’s blog.
posts aren’t that hard.

First, a list of blogs related to your site’s topic is recommended. Blog owners are more likely to accept a guest post if the website they link to is related to their blog. In addition, it shows that you have knowledge of the topic you are going to write about. There are also several websites where you can find blog owners who specifically request guest posters for their blogs. These can easily be found by searching
on Google.

Unlike articles written for article directories, blog articles should be engaging and share the same writing style as the blog itself. In terms of the law, blog owners want their writing style to engage their readers. You will no doubt want to maintain this style, so it is imperative that you read a few blog posts first so that you understand the style to aim for. It’s a good idea to email a handful of blog owners, as many of them will decline your offer almost immediately.

The overall response rate for blog owners who are willing to allow guest posts on their blogs is around 10%. So if you sent 100 emails, about 10 of them would be willing to allow you to post in your favorite posts. To blog. Of course, this depends on the source you used to find the blogs in the first place.

If you’ve used a site where people specifically ask for authors, the percentage is much higher and the rejections are mainly caused by you not being qualified enough to write on their blogs or your site being referred to You want to link is not suitable for any reason. However, if you are looking for invaluable links, then guest posts are a great find for those links.

They are usually permanent as the articles are unique along with the other articles on the blog.