Cramer’s lightning round: I am against Aeva Technologies and companies with no earnings


Aeva Technologies: “We are totally against companies that have no earnings. That was the clarion call of what the Fed did. It’s going to knock out some good stocks, I don’t care. I’ve got to be very careful here, so we’re going to say no.”

Enterprise Products Partners: “I think it’s a very good company. It’s going down, in part, because there’s lots of people who own these master limited partnerships and they just keep selling them. I think it’s a mistake to buy. I think it’s right to buy, and you’re in good company.”

Compass Pathways: “It’s against depression, and I know it makes sense. The problem is once again, I am being very tough. If it doesn’t have earnings or the prospect of earnings very soon, I have to say no.”

Doma Holdings: “Lump of coal, most definitely.”

MGM Growth Properties: “I like it. I think that with a 5.5% yield and it’s got very good cash flow, so I think you’ve got a winner, and I would stick with it.”

Inovio Pharmaceuticals: “No. Came and went it. Forget it. Stay away. Don’t want to touch it, and you shouldn’t either.”

TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp: “Blank check, no. No more blank checks. … The world changed. The Fed has decided to go against the bulls, and I cannot just continue to dig in my heels with companies that I think are going to lose people money because at one point, before the Fed decided to tighten, I may have liked it. I made a mistake. I have to move forward.”

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