Different types of computers and what they’re used for


Computer technology has evolved at such a rapid pace, it’s easy to overlook all the innovative devices that have helped drive it forward. While the common desktop computer that most of us are familiar with may be the first device we think of when we hear computer, there are actually several more options to choose from. Check out this list of 10 types of computers you didn’t know existed, and learn how they might be able to improve your home or business computing experience!


1) Analogue computers

Analogue computers are the earliest form of computers and have been around since the 1800s. They are essentially just a machine that performs calculations, like adding or multiplying numbers. In comparison to digital computers, they are much slower and less precise.


They were mostly used by scientists in the past to do things like calculate rocket trajectories. Today, they’re more likely to be found in museums than at work stations because they’re largely obsolete.


Digital computers on the other hand use binary numbers (ones and zeroes) to perform all calculations which makes them much faster than analogue machines but also much less precise because there is a limited amount of information that can be held as either a one or zero.