Eight Skills of Highly Successful Consultants


Regarding Dr. Covey, and his hugely popular Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (all habits that make us better consultants!), here are eight skills we can all work on to improve as consultants. Start with three general skills, then describe five more specific skills to consider as you continue to develop. One way to look at your overall skills as a consultant (internal or external) is to look at your relative strengths in the three main parts.


our work: design, deliver and sell. These three skills represent the total package for a consultant, regardless of their background (their “it”). The complete package: Designing “It” This is our technical competence. These are the “stuff” we learn in class and through experience and practice.

In most cases it is the frontend of our work. While we can’t underestimate the importance of these skills (and the need to keep improving them), we can’t be happy when these skills are top notch either. You are not enough. Deliver “It” This is the other Mega Ability that many of us are very familiar with.


Once we have designed our “product”, we need to be able to deliver it. This is the skill that is often most obvious to our clients, or what we tell people when they ask about our job. .Again: These skills are essential, but they alone are not enough. Sell ​​”it” This skill is the one that needs improvement the most in my experience.

Although many books have been written about these skills, there is one key that will increase your success in selling your work single-handedly. It will instantly improve your success. Features are parts of your product or service. Examples are: o Size Length


o Speedo Number of moduleso Your experience People don’t buy features, they buy benefits. We all know this in some way, but rarely do we focus on turning the important features of our offerings into real benefits. The customer will discover the benefit, they decrease their chances of selling your potential product, or

Idea. Some specific skills to consider: Attitude This is another skill that requires a book to be well discussed and planning and practice to improve. and what your role is, that’s what hiring is about. build relationships

Relationship building is important in all three major skill areas. When designing, you need to establish relationships to get the organizational information you need to design effectively. involved to lead to a more successful outcome. For sale,