Email Marketing Campaigns – Robots, Humans And Shoes Slashed Whilst Lions Roared


When planning an email marketing campaign, there are two key issues that need to be addressed. The first thing you need to do is ensure that your email marketing campaign gets delivered, and the second thing you need to do is convince the recipients of the email marketing campaign to open and read the emails. Email Marketing Campaigns – Robots Despite the scary headlines about email marketing’s death, it’s alive and email marketing campaigns still wage an ongoing battle with their nemesis:
, the filter bots. These are the poorly trained bots that filter out legitimate marketing emails and correspondence from your relatives, but constantly send massive amounts of junk straight to your inbox.


You’ve probably had the experience of signing up for an email marketing campaign (you know, the kind that offers a useful training course or a series of interesting articles) and then finding out that you’re only about half or two-thirds receive the promised emails. Sometimes a ten-part email campaign mysteriously disappears after part seven, or you get the entire email marketing campaign except for parts 1, 5, and 9. It always seems random, but we’re told that filter Bots are able to capture
emails that contain specific words, symbols, or combinations of words and symbols. The really annoying thing about bots is that they don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between a spam email marketing campaign and an email from a contact in your personal address book.

How dare these bots decide for you not to receive emails from your agitated friend who uses double and triple exclamation marks in correspondence? Well, several exclamation points are vulgar, but being eaten by robots seems like a pretty harsh punishment for a simple taste retardation. Filter bots, while not particularly smart, are cunning: they leave no evidence, they devour every piece of mail they steal, so you can’t prove they committed the theft. You can’t fight the bots, so you need to weave a cloak of invisibility for your email marketing campaigns.

Anyone doing research in hopes of creating a successful email marketing campaign will find tips on how to defeat filter bots and find out beforehand that certain words and phrases should be avoided. These dangerous words include “money back”, “100% satisfied”, “money back guarantee” and “order today”. Even though the author of an email marketing campaign received this advance warning, your grandmother didn’t notice these things. Grandma may be wondering why
hasn’t responded to her email asking for advice on a planned stairlift purchase, even though she informed her in her email that the company offers a guarantee and that she will place her order today wants to send.

If grandma is deaf, she can’t work it out with you over the phone, and the filter bots have torn their relationship apart.