Email Marketing Delivery Problems (Part 1)


E-mail marketing is one of the most effective methods of internet marketing. But what if you’ve done everything in your power? Build a subscriber list, great email campaign, compelling subject line and content, great landing page, tracking software to track results. I’ve tried it on people and it’s had great feedback, but sales still seem to be low. Even more confusing are the extremely low email open rates. What could be wrong?

Welcome to the frustrating and annoying world of email delivery problems. Guess what? There’s a big chance your subscribers won’t see your emails. Email filters are both a blessing and a curse in the world of the internet. Without email filters, we waste a lot of time deleting spam.

As the number of ISPs and web hosts using email filtering systems increases, internet marketers need to be careful about every word they include in their email marketing campaign. Why? It might activate a filter and increase spam score. Keep in mind that the filtering software doesn’t care if your subscribers on your lists are double opt-in or not. How email filtering and delivery strategies work.

Marketing by email is hassle-free and straightforward. While email filtering systems are far from perfect, they are becoming more sophisticated. At this point, a series of tests are carried out to say goodbye to the old forms of filtering, which are limited to verification. content for obvious things. Keep in mind that in most cases, a single occurrence of the following items will not cause your email to bounce. Many filters give each of the email marketing elements that fail a test a corresponding score.

Once the score threshold is exceeded, your email marketing material will be suspended. Never think about beating spam filters, work with them instead. Only spammers try to beat spam filters. Header Filter In an email body, email headers are the information that you cannot see when you open an email.

Indicates where the email came from. A header filter, on the other hand, examines the information and checks whether the details are fake or not. For legitimate email marketers, this is not a problem. They pose a problem for people who use a dubious list service to deliver their email marketing campaign. The email header also contains other elements that indicate whether your email marketing is generated by list software.

While this doesn’t pose a problem or prevent your email from being delivered effectively, it does draw attention to it.