Email Marketing: Do You Want To Triple Your Return On Investment?


Introduction: One of the biggest mistakes most marketers make these days is thinking that email marketing is dead. Many marketers today are abandoning the email marketing system to switch to social media. When I think about it, social media looks way more appealing than email. .But is a social media post really as effective as an email?

Before we answer that question, let’s mention a well-known fact. It’s easier to send a friend request on Facebook than to collect an email online. But believe me, email marketing is worth three times more than social media marketing. So what is email marketing?

E-mail marketing is the targeted addressing of customers via e-mails. All emails sent to prospects can be considered email marketing. Email marketing involves sending a promotional email or advertisement to a subscriber. Via your email address. Businesses use email marketing today.

Today, more bloggers than ever are using email marketing. For example, have you ever browsed a website and seen a box asking you to provide your name and email address in order to receive a free eBook or an update? It’s the front end of email marketing. Most bloggers use email marketing because it improves the customer experience.

With a targeted email list, you can reach both existing customers and potential customers. Every e-mail subscriber is informed better and more easily. Emails have higher visibility than a Facebook post. drowned in a torrent of content in the minutes after publication. Do you really need email marketing?