Email Marketing Is Dead – The Statistics and Social Proof


Prepare to be confronted! Indeed, the world of digital marketing can claim that we are on the brink of insanity, but the powerful variable that continues to influence the serge of the digital marketing industry in the 21st century is simple: Statistics don’t lie. We’re about to uncover the most alarming, yet sensible stats that will show business owners around the world why they should ditch their email marketing and list-building efforts in exchange for a social media strategy that empowers your online -Reduces marketing costs and brings your business costs to the fore. This strategy has the potential to even blow up your lead generation! Social media strategy MUST replace, or at least work alongside, your email marketing efforts.

The Email Marketing Microscope There is no denying that online businesses have reaped billions of dollars in revenue directly attributed to email marketing campaigns around the world. But it’s time to look at the cold hard stats. which would indicate that these numbers are declining rapidly and would identify the obvious reasons for this. According to a recent July 2010 edition of marketingSherpa’s Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the average email open rate in the US has fallen from 14% in mid-2007 to a low 11.2% in the second half of 2009.

The decline in email open rates has been attributed to factors such as image blocking, increased use of portable email devices, and list fatigue, but the main reason is that it’s severely neglected. . It’s what we call the era of social advocacy: social media. As if that wasn’t bad enough, let’s take a closer look at this alarming report and look at specific email verticals and their performance. It would be fair to say that most email marketing efforts in general are primarily motivated by “marketing” or sales-oriented messages, and if we compare experience and engagement on Facebook to a specific email industry, then ” entertainment” right? it was the entertainment sector at 9.

2% and even worse, the marketing sector with a dismal open rate of 7.4%. Why do you ask? In short, social media. No one wants to hear your independent opinion on your discounted products or the latest business moves via email. They also don’t want to read an email about the next big concert in your city.