Email Marketing Is Dead – The Statistics and Social Proof


You can avoid being viewed as an unethical email marketer simply by using permission-based email marketing. and unethical marketers, both online and offline, email marketing has faced the same ethical issues. Ethical sellers will provide you with signup forms that allow the subscriber to say, “Hey
, please market me.”

I like what you have to offer.” Then there are the unethical, who use software to collect email information and blindly send their promotions to anyone with an email address . The problem with the latter is that these marketers don’t look at the long-term investments when it comes to marketing. I mean, you can certainly get higher sales, but if you really take the time to market your list wisely, you can get long-term customers and make your email list a very profitable. Those long-time regulars can even be evangelists for your products, which can help you make even more profit as they walk around telling everyone how great your service and/or product.

en.Because repeat customers can be so smart, advertisers are focusing intensely on the long-term potential of this type of marketing. Are Your Email Marketing Efforts Spam? spam. First, do you send a lot of emails to a lot of people you’ve never had contact with or who didn’t choose to be contacted by you?

This will definitely be considered spam. Some people believe that marketing is a numbers game, and the more people you present information to, the greater the chance of making a sale. But your chance of making a sale increases when you target emails to those who want and need your product or service. These are the ones who took the time to fill out the form on your website.

To prevent your email marketing efforts from being considered spam (and then getting banned and now unable to email anyone), only email to people who give you permission have to contact them. This is referred to as “permission marketing,” a term coined by Seth Godin. Also, once subscribers have joined your email list, make sure you add value to every email you send. You can do this by offering tips and/or advice on the topic that your subscribers have requested. Remember that it is your responsibility