Facebook Ads


LinkedIn Ads can help you increase the number of leads that are specifically looking for network marketing opportunities. LinkedIn is a popular professional social media platform with over 467 million members. Therefore, it’s important that your company has a presence on the site in order to reach potential new members.


With LinkedIn Ads, you can create targeted ads so as not to waste your advertising budget and put it towards people who are already interested in joining a business opportunity or who have already expressed an interest in this type of work. You can also track how many leads come from these ads, which will help you better understand how effective they are for your business and what ROI you’re getting out of them. They can be expensive but if used strategically, they will help you grow your network marketing business online. -Likes: What if you had more likes on Facebook? If someone posts content and no one likes it, then no one sees it.


-Buy Likes: You can pay Facebook to get more likes for your posts or buy Likes altogether by going into the ad settings in Facebook Ads Manager.


-Engagement: Have more engagement on Facebook! Create questions to see what your followers want from you and tailor your posts accordingly. Pay attention to detail when answering their questions and provide pictures where possible (people love pictures). Another way to improve engagement is using Facebook Live, where followers get real time updates about whatever you’re doing – such as webinars or live events! -YouTube Videos: YouTube videos are great for building brand awareness and generating website traffic. Videos should always include a link to your website or social media page at the end, along with clear calls-to-action telling viewers what you want them to do next – such as subscribe or visit your website.

-Build Quality Links: Links back to your website will boost your search engine ranking and make it easier for prospective customers to find you. On Google, quality links can go a long way towards improving visibility. To build quality links try guest posting on industry blogs, publishing blog articles yourself and commenting on relevant forums related to your niche topic(s) of expertise.