Famous Psychics – Sylvia Browne


In this last of a series of articles on famous psychics we’re going to cover another very popular modern day psychic who has had more than her share of sceptics and bashers. Sylvia Browne is probably one of the most controversial psychics of the modern era.


Sylvia Browne is most noted for her psychic talent, her great counseling ability and the extensive research she has done into parapsychology. She has a very down to earth, sometimes abrasive, but very dynamic and genuine personality. Yes, she does have a tendency to rub people the wrong way. But what controversial psychic hasn’t?


Browne has lectured and taught people all over the world including Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. Supposedly Browne first achieved her psychic ability at the very young age of three years old when she was living in Kansas City, MO. In her early years she shared her psychic gifts with friends and family. She eventually became very well known for helping people see into the future. She moved to California in 1964. From her new home she continued to assist people in private. Eventually, Browne wanted to form a professional organization to study the paranormal. This finally came to pass in 1974 when she formed The Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research, which is a nonprofit organization. It is now known as The Society of Novus Spiritus. Since that time Browne has helped thousands of people find a deeper spiritual meaning in their life through God via her gifts.


Browne’s philosophy involves researching into people’s past lives through hypnosis. She also obtains much information through what is known as her channeling ability. She has established reincarnation as the key to understanding life. She accepts this as the central theme in her philosophy. However, she does not force this belief on anyone who does not accept it. To all her subjects she says, “Take with you what you want and leave the rest behind.” Browne is also very religious but does not force that issue either. If one chooses not to believe in a supreme being she believes that is their right. She tells people, “It does not matter if you believe in God because God believes in you.”

Browne, over the years, has appeared on shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, In Search Of…, That’s Incredible and the Montel Williams Show. She has also been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and People. She even had her own TV special called Haunted Lives and was a guest on the Larry King Show. She was heard on Coast to Coast by thousands and even had two Pay Per View specials in 1999 and 2000.

Browne has also had several books published including, “Journey Of The Soul,” “Conversations With The Other Side,” “Astrology Through The Eyes Of The Psychic,” and her Biography, “Adventures Of A Psychic” which was a New York Times best seller.

Browne has come under attack by many sceptics as have many other psychics before her. Some of the attacks have been so vicious that they have prompted her to post some rather strong responses to them on her official web site.