Five Key Strategies for Making Your Nonprofit Business More Effective


I love tennis as a spectator and as a weekend player. I also believe that effective nonprofit organizations are an essential part of vibrant and engaged communities. Watching The Championships – Wimbledon this year, I realized that there are lessons to be learned from Wimbledon. (both from the players and the tournament itself) that can help your nonprofit generate eye-catching results. What are these lessons? Do you have a game plan

Successful players know their own strengths and weaknesses and their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. They devise game plans to exploit their best weapons and exploit their opponents’ opportunities. Successful nonprofit organizations know their external environment, know what they do well, remain flexible to seize opportunities, and apply strategies based on their strengths.

Grass is a fast and slippery surface and the ball bounces in a strange way. Players must be able to customize their gameplay to compete effectively. The nonprofit environment is ever-changing, and effective organizations can anticipate and adapt to these changes. Stand out from the crowdGrass pitches.

All white tennis outfit. Green backs and supports. Tune in to a televised tennis match and these images will let you know instantly that you are watching The Championships-Wimbledon. From the distinctive crossed Wimbledon logo bats to the well-known Wimbledon colours. of green and purple the Wimbledon brand is well defined. Like it or not, nonprofits need to constantly develop an identity and communicate their values ​​and mission.

You Can’t Play Doubles SoloAlthough not as popular as singles, doubles is an integral part of tennis. Doubles teams are associations that play to the strengths of each player. It is not uncommon for singles competitors to form successful doubles. Gear. In the nonprofit world, effective partnerships can improve each organization’s ability to meet the needs of the community and often result in more effective use of each organization’s resources.

Use rain delays Wimbledon is famous for its rain delays. These delays often turn into opportunities. Time and time again, I’ve seen players improve their level of play or successfully employ new tactics after an unplanned time in the dressing room. .We’re all wrapped up in everyday activities and feel like we can’t take a break.

The reality is that time off often leads to new ideas and new strategies to advance your mission. Consistently applying these strategies will help you achieve attention-grabbing results. Give it a try and track your progress.