Flowers For Your Spartans! Here’s What Is In Halo Infinite’s Shop This Week


Halo Infinite’s shop updates every Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT with new items that players can purchase with credits. Since the launch of the free-to-play multiplayer component, 343 Industries has updated the shop four times. The latest rotation brings a pricey legendary bundle, as well as the goofiest item yet: a flower to fasten to your Spartans helmet.

The biggest bundle this week is the Soldier Armor Set for the Mark VII. In the bundle, you will find the epic Tac/Liberty Rig, Tahuna Sands armor coating, sleek soldier helmet design, a variety of attachments including the Mithril visor, and last but not least, the Rocket Rescue stance. This set retails for 2,000 credits, which players can purchase for $17.99.

If you don’t want your Spartan to look overly serious, you can purchase the Daisy Delights bundle to add a small stuffed bear to the chest plate and a flower to the helmet. If you want to wear two flowers at once, you can swap out the bear for a yellow rose. This bundle is 1,500 credits.

And who doesn’t like pickles? The final bundle called Special Delivery offers a Space Pickle charm, a gold Legend visor (which looks a lot like Master Chief’s), and the Into the Breach stance. The final item offered this week is the Chibi Chieftain bundle, which adds cute decals of alien characters to your vehicles, nameplate, weapons, and armor.