General Assembly is a company that teaches students how to do anything


General Assembly is a company that teaches students how to do anything. They offer online courses in web development, data science, design, entrepreneurship and more. Their programs are tailored to meet the needs of diverse learners. Each course includes immersive project-based learning, career guidance and expert mentorship from a global community of alumni who work at top companies like Google, Airbnb, and JPMorgan Chase.

The combination of access to one-on-one professional feedback and real-world projects makes it possible for anyone with a computer, no matter where they live or what their background is, to grow as an individual and succeed in today’s changing economy. In fact, over 45% of all enrollees don’t have a four-year degree. Students range from high school graduates looking to enter the workforce right away to folks returning to school after decades away.

No matter your educational background or ambitions, you can use this program to get skills needed for tomorrow’s workforce. If you’re unsure about whether this program is worth investing in, see what its alumni say: The professors are really good about giving lots of constructive criticism when I’m feeling discouraged, said Tyler Hollingsworth, a New York City-based data scientist who got his undergraduate degree from Brown University. You always feel like you’re progressing. He said he likes the versatility of this program because he was able to take classes on topics that interested him while building on his programming skills. I think it’s important to be able to explore different paths and not just focus on one thing, he says. Another student, Amir Barzegar, felt similarly. I wanted something practical, he said. The specialization here is a perfect fit. By enrolling in General Assembly, you’ll learn how to develop new technologies, start and grow a business, or pursue creative endeavors.

Housed in six locations around the world—including San Francisco; Washington D.C.; New York; Chicago; Atlanta; London—General Assembly provides students with both hands-on experience and instruction from experts in each field. But these teachers aren’t just lecturers – many were once successful entrepreneurs themselves!