Guest Blog Posting – The 6 Step Process to Get Results


What is a guest post? Have you ever heard of this concept? Josh Klein, guest blogger at ProBlogger, says about the importance of guest posting: You know the blogging cliché “content is king”. similar to the “location, location, location” of the real estate industry.

” It turns out blogging and real estate have something in common: They both need content and a location. When it comes to blogging professionally, it’s important to think about location. Only 20% of your work is publishing of posts. So, how can you start guest posting and when is the right time to start as a new online business owner?In answer to the second question: NOW is the right time!

No matter how new you are to online marketing and blogging, if you want to start making money early with your new business, start implementing these steps right away. Of course, it helps if you have a place people can go to once they’ve read and love your articles, but you really need to make connections before the official launch. some old blog” is probably not the strategy you would choose for
. Instead, look for these things:

Number of SubscribersNumber of Comments on PostsGoogle Page RankMake Sure the Blog Shares Its AudienceStep 2: The RequestSend emails to the right people (blog owner, admin, etc.).

) Personalize the message. This is what my general email address looks like: Hello (blog owner), my name is Nate Moller. I’ve been blogging since 2005 and I’m the owner of [my website address].

I write a lot about starting an online business, e-commerce, dropshipping, SEO, social media and self-motivation. I am interested in guest posting on your blog in the near future. Here are some articles I’ve written (and I’d love to write for you on these topics): Three of my best articles… Tell me what the next steps would be.

I look forward to writing in (your blog). Sincerely, Nate Moller. Of course I’ll change this depending on who I’m emailing. I can add things like I found your blog, what I liked about it. , how we can benefit from each other, etc.

Step 3: The Content Start writing a blog post on your own blog. Make sure you do the following: Design a blog effectively with a 2-3 sentence bio section, usually in italics (this is an example): Nate Moller has been teaching clients how to create an online business starts.