Guest Blogging – Choosing The Right Blogs For Your Work


Last year, when the Google Panda update dealt a serious blow to article directories, I started looking for other ways to market my website. What I discovered was that I can continue to write articles and publish them through guest blogs on the Internet. .Guest blogging is the same, except article directories give you a cheap backlink. With guest posting, you get a much better post as well as a larger number of readers. proud that
put your name in and then contacted and offered to a blog owner.

You get free content and you get exposure. It’s a win-win and so far every blog owner I’ve contacted has agreed. But you have to give them your best! This is very important. Find good blogs

What’s the best way to find good blogs for guest posting? Of course, it is best to contact blogs that you have already read and commented on. They will already know you for your helpful and insightful posts and this increases the likelihood that your posts will be accepted. If you don’t read blogs in your niche (shame!) or just aren’t ready to submit your blogs there yet, you can always find good blogs with a Google search.

Search for “topic + blog”. You can also try searching “topic + blog + guest posts” to find blogs that accept guest posts, or you can use Google’s blog search on the left for your specific topic (the topic of your article or something similar). from the screen. I only use Google search because I think if it shows up at the top of the SERPs for that keyword, it gets a lot of traffic and Google Love and is therefore popular. If I think so, others will.
too.Simple is the best way to do things.

Review Blogs When you find a blog that seems right for your job, you should review it to make sure it accepts guest blog posts. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time emailing them and looking like an idiot who doesn’t do their homework. Start by looking at the “About” page. It will usually tell you if they accept guest posts.

You may also see a page labeled Write for us or Submit your work. If you still can’t tell whether or not they’re accepting submissions, browse recent posts and take a look at the authors. If they’re all written by the same person, they probably won’t accept guest posts. The Numbers If you want to put on your SEO hat and maximize your traffic, you can do a little research on the websites you choose to see how much traffic they’re pulling.

You can do this by checking their Google PageRank and Alexa Rank.