How to Be Persuasive When Pitching Bloggers to Carry Your Guest Posts


In a Yahoo blog group, someone complained about not getting many replies to their email inquiries by writing to other bloggers to offer a guest post from an author they were promoting. This blogger mentioned that she tends to write lengthy email requests. However, what immediately struck was not the length of the requests (think shorter is generally better), but how she presented herself to this author. Most of us tend to say what we mean about something we present:

characteristics of a product or service (or how good the author’s book is). However, what we need to say is what the person receiving the request needs to “hear” in order to motivate them to act on our request.

Since I don’t know the name or book of the Latino author my fellow blogger promoted, here’s my suggestion for a hypothetical publication. Forget a long description of what the book is about and how many awards it might have won. Instead, focus on how big the Latino market is in the US and what an underserved media market it is. Part of the email question tone might look like this:

“Here’s your chance to feature a Latino guest blogger whose novel about a Mexican family who immigrates to the United States will resonate with Latino and non-Latino readers living in cities with large Latino populations Another blogger would provide an opportunity for other book bloggers to reach a segment of the reading market that those bloggers may not have reached and to give readers in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, etc. a closer look at these
people given whose life I think overlaps with yours, what is the best persuasion strategy?

Shift your thoughts from what you want to say to what the other person wants to hear. Set aside your own perspective and develop your shots for your target’s perspective. Yes, sometimes this can be very difficult. You really want to keep asking how much work you put into coming up with the perfect pumpkin pie recipe. Will blog readers follow the directions in your
pumpkin pie recipe and double your perfect pumpkin pie?

Rule of thumb for presenting guest posts to bloggers: If you want a good shot at achieving your own goals, change your mind and focus on achieving the blogger’s goals.