How to Blog – Finding People to Guest Post on Your Blog is Easy If You Know Where to Look


When you find someone to guest post on your blog, you can kill two birds with one stone. First, you get fresh content to make available to your readers. Content you don’t need to create. Second, you get access to another traffic source. The guest blogger will promote the next post to their list and blog readers.

Many bloggers are unsure how to find someone to guest post on their blog. Below is a list of 7 ways to find guest bloggers for your blog: Find potential guest posters. Your audience is already interested in your topic. As regular readers, they like your style.

Therefore, they would be the most likely candidates. Network with your personal contacts: Remember that birds of the same plumage fly together. Ask the people you associate, do business with, and meet. Find a blog you like and invite a blogger. Are there any blogs that you enjoy reading regularly?

Well, you know what? Many of them are looking for ways to increase their readership. Both usually blog about the same topic and would complement each other perfectly. Post a request on a forum: Just about every topic, topic, or niche has a discussion forum. Go ahead and start a post requesting guest bloggers.

Make sure you understand the forum rules before you start posting. Also, it will be better received if you contribute regularly to the forum. Tweet the request: Tweet that you’re looking for someone to guest post on your blog. People who follow you are often interested in the same topic. Expand the reach of your tweet by asking your followers to retweet your request.

Submit a request to your list – Your list is another great place to recruit guest bloggers. This group of people is on your list because they know, like, and trust you. You have to wait for the best answer from your list. Respond to requests from other bloggers – Often, other bloggers will post a guest post request on your blog. You must confirm the request when you see it.

They may not call it a guest post, but they often call it an interview.