How to Do Bulk Email Marketing


Bulk email is a type of email that you send to multiple people at once, but that’s what happens when you send bulk email. Risk of getting spam Sounds like a promotional email Not relevant to most people Unsubscribe Risk.

It is very time consuming. So, do you want a solution to overcome these problems? Is Bulk Email Marketing Dead? You may have heard that bulk email marketing is dead, but is that true?

Well, no, but yes, if you get it wrong. then surely it’s dead and not just bulk email marketing, if you follow the old practices even email marketing itself is dead.

The world evolves, and things in it are considered dead if they don’t evolve. Think of the iPhone as mass email marketing, and remember when Apple introduced the iPhone 4 people went crazy for it, right? … but now? …prefer latest versions to older versions. Imagine if Apple hadn’t released newer versions, we’d have to say the iPhone is dead, right?