How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities the Easy Way


Guest blogging exploded in popularity in 2010. Guest posting not only brings new and alternative perspectives, but also makes life easier for the blog owner and builds strong relationships between bloggers. However, guest posting is not an easy task.

Sometimes the top blogs in the niche are not willing to post or even see guest post requests, or it can be very difficult to accept their posts due to the sheer volume of other guest posts that the blog owner receives. Cathy Stucker, the “Idea Lady,” no doubt had this in mind when she created Blogger LinkUp, a free service for bloggers to connect with for guest posting.

With Blogger Link Up, you can:* Request guest blogs by specifying exactly what you’re looking for, down to the title, date, and other options.* Request sources for interviews and summaries. Interviewing experts in your niche is a surefire way to get recognition and good publicity for your blog.* Offer guest posts to bloggers and be specific about what your post is about.

  • Offer bloggers products to review. A useless marketing tactic that ensures the blogosphere stands out for whatever product you’re trying to sell. Once you have joined the Blogger LinkUp service, you will receive daily emails from the service. Cathy starts each email with good advice or even a quick personal note, and then describes the latest guest blogging opportunities. So far I’ve connected with 4 guest bloggers through Cathy’s free service.