How To Get Traffic To Your Websites


Probably the most searched for topic in internet marketing: how to drive more traffic to your websites. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your own products, promoting affiliate offers, or looking for AdSense clicks, you won’t make a penny if there’s no traffic to your site. However, the process involves more than just getting more traffic. You don’t just want traffic, you want targeted traffic: people who are interested in what you have to offer. In
, this article discusses various paid and free ways to attract more visitors to your website.

Some of these methods can generate traffic almost instantly, while others take longer to gain momentum. By spreading your traffic generation across different methods, you can generate traffic quickly and gradually increase it over time. Let’s get started right away… Getting the right type of traffic Before we look at specific methods of driving traffic to your website, let’s discuss what type of traffic you should be targeting.

Because there is a right and wrong type of traffic. The right kind of traffic is visitors who are not only interested in what you are offering them, but who are willing and able to take the action you want them to take. Drink. The wrong type is just the opposite: visitors who are unlikely to complete your “most searched action”. Let’s see a few examples… First of all, let’s say you have an affiliate review website.

You post reviews and other content on your website with affiliate links for those products. Every time someone buys one of the offers, they pay you a commission. If you generate a lot of traffic, but not a lot of those people are willing or able to spend money, you won’t get much benefit from it. A good example would be a market where the majority of visitors are teenagers. While they are very interested in the subject and willing to buy what you advertise, a huge
percent of them won’t be able to buy because they don’t have credit cards and their parents may not allow them to use theirs.

A marketplace like this might be a better fit for a site running AdSense ads, which brings us to our second example. Suppose you have a website that is monetized exclusively with AdSense. In this case it doesn’t matter. A lot if your visitors can buy since they pay you when they click on an ad regardless of what they do once they leave your site. If the market has a lot of “clicks” that don’t convert into buyers, the ads won’t pay very well, but we’ll put that aside for now