How to Get Your Guests to RSVP!


Getting guests to respond to your wedding seems easy. Send out your invitation, attach your prepaid RSVP card, sit back and wait. RIGHT? Not correct. An RSVP card planned through Blackberry Messenger may be alien to some of your more internet savvy (less Emily Post savvy) friends.

To solve the missing answer card puzzle, you must first understand the problem. There can be several reasons why guests aren’t responding…* Some of your guests may think you know they’re coming. A close friend or maybe even a member of the wedding party may not feel the need to respond * Others have may have a conflict that you have known about since receiving your Save the Dates and will not be able to act on it. participate.

They may think you’re already aware of the situation and refuse to send you a formal notification.* It’s also possible that guests only remember to respond when they’re present, leaving you in this case play guessing games need your final count. You want the text on your RSVP card to be very clear so guests know how to fill in all the details. You can use some of our sample text and start with the basics… It’s important to have a place to put your

The traditional “M______________” can be confusing for some guests. Filling in “Me, Myself, and I” instead of “Mr./Mrs./Mrs…” might seem a bit tedious, but trust us: it happened!

Increasingly, the simpler “Name _” format is being used to avoid such situations. You can also number the back of your RSVP cards (although depending on the size of your guest list, this can get tedious). , so that in the case of an unnamed RSVP card, you know which of your guests received it. For them, not only do you need
to set the cutlery, but the kitchen needs to know how many of each dish to prepare! This option is not available if you eat at the buffet.

However, you can still require guests to indicate how many people are attending, including your guests, and whether they are unable to attend. In the age of the internet, you might want to give your guests the option to reply to you via email. You can provide an email address at the bottom of your RSVP card for this purpose. Yes, you can consider it a waste of the beautiful wedding ring seals that you have carefully selected and placed in each envelope. , you may see him as one less person following
a couple of weeks before the big day!