How to Handle Guest Posts on Your Blog: The Right Way


It’s always nice to give credit where it’s due, so if you’re running a blog, it’s important to know how to handle guest posts the right way. Whenever someone writes a guest post for your blog, it should be mentioned that they wrote the post and that they are not affiliated with your site. You can also mention their name when you publish the post, or have them write their name at the end.

Doing this will show off your work as well as give credit where it’s due for any ideas that may have been shared in the piece. Don’t: Share contact information: Be wary about sharing contact information through a guest post. If you do decide to share an email address, social media handles, or other details in the text of your post, don’t use yours because there is no guarantee that people won’t try to spam these accounts. If you choose to include contact information for the author of the original content, make sure it’s clear which account belongs to who. For example, if the person is @username on Twitter, then use For more information follow @username. You can also add links within your post to get in touch with the writer on another platform like LinkedIn or Facebook.

A few ways to find out whether or not something is plagiarized include Google Scholar and copying sentences into a Word document and using Ctrl+F to search for specific words.

It’s imperative that you create copyright disclaimers by using statements like This copyrighted material has been used under fair dealing and All images belong to author. These legal clauses will help protect both yourself and the original writer from potential litigation down the road. Once you start accepting guest posts on your blog, it’s important to stick with some guidelines. These dos and don’ts will keep things running smoothly!