How to Make Travel Easy for Your Wedding Guests


You want all your family and friends to come to your wedding, right? In most circles, that means lots of people traveling from all over the country to attend your wedding. Make your journey as easy as possible. after these tips. Send save-the-date cards. One of the best things you can do to make life easier for your out-of-town guests is to let them know as much in advance as possible.

Wedding invitations are usually sent out six to eight weeks before the event and that may not be enough time for some people to take a break from work, buy a wedding dress and jewellery, get the best price on plane tickets, Book a hotel room etc. This counts double if your wedding is on a holiday weekend such as Memorial Day or Labor Day. Find out early so your guests can start planning their trip. Book a block of hotel rooms.

This is one of the most helpful things wedding hosts can do for their guests. You can do all the legwork by researching which hotels are best for your wedding venue and save your guests the hassle. The reason for booking a block of hotel rooms is to get a group rate for your family and friends. It also ensures that everyone can get a hotel room, which can be an issue during popular times of the year. You may need

Book earlier than expected, in some cases up to a year before your wedding! An added benefit of booking a block of rooms is that they are often adjacent, so your family will have rooms close together. taking into account the needs of its guests when reserving hotel rooms; If your first option is too expensive, book a block of rooms at a cheaper hotel as well. If you’re planning on getting married at a couples-only resort, be sure to reserve a few rooms at a nearby
family-friendly location for guests with children. Do you organize transport from the airport.

Although some of your guests will likely be hiring cars, it is advisable to arrange transport from the airport to your hotel whenever possible. This applies in particular to older guests such as grandparents. Recruit some local friends to run a shuttle. between the airport and the hotel where most of your guests will be staying. If this is not practical, find out about hotel shuttle vans and airport limousine services and post the information on your wedding website.

Your guests will really appreciate you taking the time to do their research.