How to Market Your Website Through Commenting


Today I wanted to focus on one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to get popular online. The act of commenting is simply putting your mustard in someone else’s blog post. There is a link that takes you back to your site and therefore people can discover and visit your site from other people’s blogs. Let me tell you why I think commenting on blogs is so important to getting your name out there. You can use other people’s traffic FOR

The best thing about commenting is that it costs you absolutely nothing except a little time and effort. They can leverage the massive amounts of traffic other people have worked hard for without having to pay for it. For example, I am a regular reader and commenter of Zen Habits and many days Zen Habits becomes my biggest source of traffic for the day because I take advantage (in a good way) of Leo’s large readership. You can be in 37 places at the same time if you
run your own website, so people have to visit that very website to see you.

But if you comment, you can appear on as many websites as you like. You can be in 37 places at once, which means you can attract a lot more people to your website or product. Being in multiple places at once is always a good thing. There are two major banks in NSW, Australia. St.

George Bank and Westpac Bank and both are owned by Westpac Bank but as they have different brands they open their doors to more people. Because people who don’t like the ‘St.George’ brand can go to the ‘Westpac’ brand etc. So be in several places at once and increase your chances of being noticed.

People will know you when they see you everywhere. I comment a lot more than most people, so regular readers of blogs in the MMO niche will see my face everywhere. That’s how I’m starting to build a reputation among these readers for being very active in the MMO community. As a result, many people know me and I have gained many readers through this technique. I build a relationship with readers on other blogs because I always comment. So if I want to present something, I can present it.
to them even if they don’t read my blog.

You will create a report with the bloggers themselves. If you are an active commenter on other people’s blog, the owner of that blog will start to recognize you and develop a relationship with you. This is great because you can learn from them by asking them questions and you can get your guest posts