How to Promote a Guest Post


1. Introduce the guest post in a blog post of your own with a relevant introduction. Let readers know what you think of their work and why they should read it.

2. Share the guest post on social media with a catchy headline and description that entices people to read it.

3. Add links in your blog posts so readers can subscribe or follow the author’s social media accounts if they want more content from them in the future.

4. Add links back to the original post you first shared, as well as any other guest posts you have published with them in case people want more content from them too. 5. Encourage readers to comment and engage in discussions about the topic raised by the guest post so they don’t feel like it was wasted effort. It is also a way for you to get feedback on how well you are performing as an editor/curator for your audience.

6. When republishing guest posts, be sure to provide credit to the original author who gave permission for publication through either an intro paragraph or even linking directly back to their original post. 7. Be willing to edit guest posts before publishing them on your site if there are issues with grammar, spelling or flow; this will make you look better as someone looking out for the quality of their site and not just trying to publish anything at all. 8. If possible, try to reach out to the author beforehand – they may have something they would like changed or added before submitting their content. 9a. Make sure you’re using Google Drive when emailing authors so both parties can see edits and changes being made live rather than having miscommunications happen because of emails disappearing into inboxes without ever seeing what was being sent 9b.