Scams are a daily reality in every industry and community throughout the world. Scammers can take our money in a variety of methods, including by posing as a friend or family member over the phone or by sending us an email or letter that looks official but is actually a hoax.

The goal of many cons is to get you to act quickly without giving any thought to whether or not the offer is authentic by mentioning a difficulty or insisting that there is a reward at stake if you agree to whatever mock scenario the con artist has concocted.

Scams can often be easily identified, but con artists are increasingly employing sophisticated techniques to deceive the public.

Con artists may also be found in the workplace. One such method is through the false promise of work, with con artists preying on the vulnerable.

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Worried that I could be the victim of a scam, what should I do?

If you suspect that you were the target of a scam or that you were the intended victim of a scam but didn’t fall for it, you should take steps to prevent other people from falling for the same trick.

The most prudent move would be to notify authorities immediately. If you were lucky enough to notice something wasn’t right and escape becoming a victim, the next person targeted may not be as fortunate.

You may report possible fraud to your local police, the FBI, or the FTC. With these, a thorough investigation may be conducted to identify the scammer and stop them in their tracks.

No reputable employer, not even the government, would ever require an applicant to pay any sort of fee before hiring them. The people who do that are con artists.

Recognizing Fraud

The most important piece of advice I can give for avoiding scams is this: if you have any doubts about the authenticity of a transaction, do not complete it. In particular, while filling out forms like employment applications!