How to Start a Money Making Blog and Be Sure of Blogging Success


How to Start a Blog to Make Money Anyone can set up a blog and start writing content, but few of those blogs become profitable businesses that generate significant revenue streams. If you want to know how to start a blog to make money then read on… There are fundamental differences between starting a blog and starting a blog that ends up being used by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people every month is seen by visitors. The key to running a successful blog is how you set up your
blog from the start.

There are several key components to blogging success: choosing a profitable niche, choosing the right blogging platform, choosing the most appropriate URL, structuring your content,

Optimize your content for search. Write quality content. Post regularly. Promote your blog posts

Choose a profitable niche This is a fundamental aspect that many people get wrong from the start. If you’re ever going to make money from your blog, then it has to be something that already has a following. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find existing traffic related to your niche and study the numbers carefully. When using the Keyword Tool, opt for “exact match” search terms as this will provide exact traffic numbers for the exact keyword or phrase you are typing.

You’re looking for exact match counts greater than 12,000 per month if you want to see earnings from your blog. If you are logged into a Google account when using the Keyword Tool, you may see 800 results instead of 100. You are not logged in, and this gives you a good basis for potential blog post topics in the future. Your goal is to rank first in Google with all these terms and phrases. It is highly unlikely that you will ever achieve that ambition, I don’t think anyone has ever achieved that,
, but that is your ultimate goal. Once you have viable niches in mind, think about your passion.

Without passion for the topic you’re blogging about, you’re going to have a hard time creating quality content over the long term. Blogging has to be a passion if you want to be successful. If you choose a niche without passion, you will eventually run out of energy and lose interest. Choosing the Right Blogging Platform Choosing the right blogging platform is crucial if you want to build a blog that makes money.

Some platforms are better than others. We recommend WordPress because it has a proven structure that is search engine friendly, easy to set up and install, and offers a wide range of free and paid design and functionality options.