Identifying Potential in Ourselves and Others


If someone is nearby as you read this, look them in the eye. Look closely and you will see great potential in this person regardless of how “successful” or accomplished they are. If you are alone, get up, find a mirror and look yourself in the eye. There is also great potential there! If you don’t believe in this premise that there is great potential within each of us, then there is no reason to read any further.

Why? Because this article gives you concrete steps that will help you to recognize and find this potential in yourself and others. If you don’t think it’s there, it will be very difficult to find. I’m glad you’re still reading!

) Realizing Our Own Potential I know that you may be reading this and thinking about how you can coach, mentor and lead others and are really more interested in focusing on others. That’s admirable and we’ll get there in a few minutes, but to help others more effectively we need to know how it works, and if we work on ourselves we’ll be in an even better position to help others. Be introspective. Spend time alone with your thoughts.

Consider these questions and use them as a starting point. You are trying to open your mind and find your strengths, passions and goals. By reflecting on these things and making some notes in a journal, you open your mind to your own potential. o What is your favorite thing to do and why? o When do you feel most satisfied and productive?

o Think about your childhood dreams: what were they? o What are your goals and dreams now, not those others have forced upon you, but your own? o What have you always wanted to try? Look for patterns. find clues in the details you’ve thought about and noted, take a look at a higher level.

What types of trends and patterns do you see? The aim is to find specific skills, inclinations and situations that you can develop and encourage. Write down your observations. Ask others. Ask others for their opinion.

Who you choose to help you with can be critical to your success here. Ask the people who support you and care enough about you and your success to give you information and ideas. You can consider a family member, a partner, a mentor, your boss; It could be anyone. Just make sure they have enough experience and contact with you to give a balanced and informed opinion.

Instead of sharing what you came up with, ask them from scratch. Use the following questions to start the conversation—from there, the discussion will flow naturally. Take notes on any ideas you share. o What do you think are my greatest strengths?