Is The Need To Rescue Others Part Of The False-Self?


If you’ve been in the self-development or personal development space long enough, you’ve probably come across the term false-self at some point. This refers to our conscious and unconscious beliefs about ourselves that cause us to live from an ego-based perspective rather than from our natural essence and the virtues that are innately part of us all.

One way we develop these false-self perspectives is through growing up in dysfunctional families and communities where we learned certain rules about how the world works and then internalized them as truths about ourselves.


There is a saying that states, The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. In other words, if a person has a need that can only be met by another person giving up their own needs, then it becomes morally right for the one to force the many to give up their needs. For example,

say your friend always texts you in an emergency situation and asks for help when they know you are busy. You might eventually stop helping them out due to stress. If your friend were drowning and there was no other way to save them, would you jump into water with no lifeguard around and save them?