1. Watch a funny video – spend some time on YouTube looking for the funniest thing you can find. You’re guaranteed to be smiling by the end of it, and you might even feel better about your life.

2. Listen to a comedy podcast – there are so many good comedy podcasts out there that will help you get through any stressful day with a smile on your face! Check out this list of the best comedy podcasts if you don’t know where to start

Listen to music

1) Listen to music. Music can be a powerful outlet for your emotions, so turn on the tunes and work out any pent-up frustration you might be feeling. Listening to music is not only an enjoyable way to feel better, but it also releases endorphins which can help improve your mood.

2) Get some fresh air. Fresh air not only feels good on your skin, but also helps combat fatigue as well as improves memory function. If you’re feeling particularly drained, open all the windows in your house or go outside for some sunshine!

3) Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror. This might sound silly, but it’s actually a really effective way of getting yourself pumped up for the day ahead! Start by facing a full length mirror and practicing a few smiles before beginning to speak. Then, give yourself three positive affirmations that describe how you want to feel about yourself today. Make sure that these are specific; for example I am happy isn’t enough – what does being happy mean to you? Do you want to be happy from 8am until 8pm? What do you want from today?


Studies show that meditating helps you be more positive. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and many other things that would otherwise limit your ability to be happy. If you are new at meditation, don’t worry; it doesn’t take much time or commitment to get started. Here are a few ways you can start meditating:

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes. Turn off any screens that might emit light (TVs, computers) or have the brightness turned down so as not to distract from your focus on the present moment. Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or in a chair with your back straight and legs crossed if sitting cross-legged is possible for you.