Looking Back on a Great Year: Trollbeads 2022 in Review


As 2022 draws to an end, it’s only natural to take a look back on the ups and downs of the year. In this edition of our annual review, we take a look at some of the major highlights of the past 12 months, along with an overview of how things went throughout the year and where we stand now as we head into the new year ahead. As always, it’s been another exciting year, but there are plenty of things to look forward to in 2009!



We’re one week into the new year, and if you’re like most people, you’re probably already thinking about what your goals are going to be for the coming year. For those of us who collect Trollbeads, we might even be thinking about how to start planning out our collections for the next year. In either case, it’s always interesting to look back at how the last year went for our collections, so I figured I would do just that! I’ve gone through all of my photos from this past year with regards to my collection and found some fun facts about what I did this past year with my beads.


Highlights from 2022

Trollbeads celebrates an amazing year of creativity, innovation and success. The year was filled with many highlights including the introduction of our new limited edition, the release of four new collections, and the opening of our first ever retail store. One highlight that stands out is partnering with World Vision as part of their End Poverty Now campaign. A portion of proceeds from sales goes to their cause and we are proud to be able to help them make this vision come true!


What’s to Come in 2022

We are excited to see what the future holds for us. We’ve been working hard to make sure that our production is as efficient as possible and we’re proud of how much we’ve grown over the last five years! We’ve seen some big changes this year, with new designs and approaches that are sure to delight all of our customers. And although we don’t know yet what will happen in 2022, we can tell you right now that it’s going to be pretty amazing!


It’s been an amazing year, and we’re so grateful for your support. We’ll be back next week with more new releases to share with you. In the meantime, please let us know what you think about this collection and our efforts as we work to bring it to life!

The future is bright, and we can’t wait to keep sharing this journey with you.