Managing Crisis – When You’re Too Good At It


If you are celebrated for your excellence in times of crisis, you may not feel so good in a non-crisis environment. It may not shine as brightly, work as well, or be celebrated as much. he needs to be needed, to feel fulfilled, to be respected, to be heard, to be noticed, blah blah blah, then quite naturally he will seek, create, attract, gravitate towards situations that allow him to gratify that to need. Environments and relationships will be filled to the brim
with crisis upon crisis.

Perhaps there is a better way to meet your needs. Perhaps there is a way to feel needed and to continue to exist in peaceful, cooperative and synergistic environments. almost the same irreverent qualities. People change partners, but the essence of the relationship is the same. People change jobs and the same complaints appear as before.

People come out of debt, lose weight, move to other cities and nothing really changes. It’s a scary thing. I’ve seen the inside perspective and it’s very scary. This déjà vu phenomenon left me confused and discouraged.

Here’s the deal; When we treat the symptoms, the cause remains untouched and keeps reappearing. Our outer life tells the same story over and over again, like a broken record, until we finally understand it. The outside reflects the inside. The outside is a symptom; The inside is the cause. The outside is the image in the mirror; the inside is the actual object.

You wouldn’t stand in front of the mirror to wash your face and wash away the reflection of your face in the mirror, would you? I do not think so. Well, that’s exactly what we do when we focus on treating our symptoms. A key part of starting transformation is taking responsibility for understanding your personal needs and ensuring they are met in an appropriate context.

Meet your needs appropriately and consistently and your life will surely change.